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RMA discussion 'welcome move'


Property consultant David Whitburn has welcomed Government proposals to revamp the Resource Management Act.

Environment Minister Amy Adams yesterday announced proposals to make the system easier to use, increase certainty and predictability, attract investment, and reduce duplication and cost.

She released a discussion document, saying there was widespread frustration with the system and it was making houses more expensive.

“Fundamentally, the proposed reforms are about providing greater confidence for businesses to grow and create jobs, greater certainty for communities to plan for their area’s needs, and stronger environmental outcomes as our communities grow and change. In most cases, this is not about whether a particular project can or cannot proceed, it is about the time and cost to reach that decision.”

Whitburn said the move was a welcome one. "The RMA is a document that significantly erodes rights of land owners.  I welcome the Government's proposals as we need to reduce the costs of developing land.”

He said the Resource Management Act and councils’ interpretation of it added huge costs to home owners, landlords and property developers.

“I hope change can be made swiftly to reduce regulation.  Changes to the Local Government Act may be needed to and the issues paper on the development contributions is another great initiative from the Government."

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Source: Landlords.co.nz