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Review of the rental market

Andrew King gave an excellent review of the rental market at the 2015 NZPIF Conference in Auckland on Saturday 17th of October.  Here is the overview of his presentation

  1. Rental Market   -  Good growth, could be better.               
                             -  Stable / increasing yields.
                             -  Cheaper to rent than own.
  2. Population         -  Record growth.
  3. New Building     -  Still slow in Auckland, but increasing.
  4. Interest rates     -  Very low and potentially decreasing.
  5. Cashflow            -  Good and improving.
  6. Affordability        -  Good, possible decrease.
  7. Property Prices   -  Auckland growing, provinces poised to grow.

To learn more about this presentation, contact Andrew on andrew@nzpif.org.nz


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