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Affordability action starts now: Brown


Auckland Council has agreed on a proposed Unitary Plan and mayor Len Brown says it clears the way for action on housing affordability.

"With a proposed Unitary Plan in place, we can now get on with the actions agreed in the Housing Accord – unlocking new land for development and fast-tracking the build of more affordable homes in Auckland,” he said.

The Auckland Housing Accord, an agreement between the government and council, provides for streamlined consenting of up to 39,000 new homes or sections in Auckland over the next three years, but relies on a notified Unitary Plan to have effect.

The council decided today to notify a proposed Unitary Plan.

It means Auckland Council will be ready to receive applications for “streamlined’’ consent of housing developments in Special Housing Areas from the beginning of October. The rules of the notified Unitary Plan will apply to all new developments approved under the Housing Accord for the next three years. And all developments will include requirements for affordable housing, to be set by Auckland Council and backed by the new Housing Accords legislation

Brown says the version of the Unitary Plan agreed by the council will ensure a balanced approach to new developments approved under the Housing Accord over the next three years.

“This plan, supported by the Housing Accord, will enable us to immediately unlock the current MUL, increasing the supply of land for new homes.  But it also means we can move more quickly to increase options available within urban Auckland – whether it’s apartments, terraced houses or stand-alone homes.”

He said he was pleased councillors had backed the plan effort and the accord. “It’s right that we work together with the government to address housing affordability challenges now, before we have a fully operative Unitary Plan in three years’ time.”

The plan will now go to a formal submissions stage.

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Source: Landlords.co.nz