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Auckland boundary shift welcomed


A new development boundary for Auckland has been welcomed by the city’s property investors association but president David Whitburn says it doesn’t go far enough.

By Susan Edmunds

The new boundary replaces the current metropolitan urban limits and will be introduced to ensure Auckland has 30 years’ supply of greenfield land for residential and business growth as targeted in the Auckland Plan.

The Auckland Plan Committee yesterday endorsed a programme to investigate key greenfield areas of Auckland and consult with stakeholders, local boards and communities before defining a rural urban boundary be incorporated in the Unitary Plan.

The boundary will define the maximum extent of urban development in 2040, enveloping all significant urban areas including the existing urban core, satellite towns, and rural and coastal towns.

It will potentially allow up to 40 per cent of new dwellings to be outside the current metropolitan urban limits.

“We’re looking at a 30-year timeframe and this work is vital to the success of the Auckland Plan in meeting the housing and business land needs of our rapidly growing city,” said Councillor Penny Hulse, deputy mayor and committee chair.

APIA president Whitburn said it was a good start. “My issue is development contributions and water charges.”

He said for new water meter connections, the certified hydraulics engineer and watercare infrastructure growth charge was more than  $7000, not excluding GST, in extra costs on a building consent.

“Next is development contributions. All these conspire to make the new average around $100,000 for a basic small section in Auckland before you start to build a house.”

He said the development contributions should be slashed and the Watercare infrastructure growth charge abolished.

“These would be a solid step in the right direction to progress Auckland's growth and return our city to being a friendly one for developers and investors to work in to help bridge the housing gap.”

Initial areas for investigation to provide additional capacity are:

  • South - Pukekohe, Drury South Karaka, Paerata
  • West - Whenuapai, Kumeu-Huapai
  • North - Warkworth, Silverdale West

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Source: Landlords.co.nz