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December '10 Issue

North v South: This month in NZ Property Investor magazine we have pitted the North Island v the South Island to see which one stacks up with the best investment properties.
01-12-2010 more >>

November '10 Issue

NZ Property Investor presents its annual health check of the residential investment market and finds out what investors are doing and how they have changed their approach in the past 12 months.
01-11-2010 more >>

October '10 Issue

Shaken to the Core How the earthquake will affect the housing market and what that means for both current and future investors in the city. Will prices in Christchurch drop to their knees, or will they be pushed up due to heightened demand, as people look for replacement houses?
01-10-2010 more >>

September '10 Issue

We all know the old saying about how much Kiwis love bricks and mortar as an investment but some of us take that even further.
01-09-2010 more >>

August '10 Issue

Learning from the past is a powerful tool to help you succeed in the future. In this issue of the NZ Property Investor we look at just that: what lessons you can take from the recent property downturn and apply it to your investing strategies.
01-08-2010 more >>

July '10 Issue

In this issue we profile inspirational property investor, speaker and author Steve McKnight on how property saved his life and why he feels so compelled to spread the property word.
01-07-2010 more >>

June '10 Issue

Big Bad Bill English puffed a lot of hot air over property investors’ heads in the lead up to the May Budget. But what do the announced changes really mean for the future of property investment.
01-06-2010 more >>

May '10 Issue

With the more traditional perks of property investing looking shaky, focus will shift towards pure cash flow. We have exclusive figures on where you can find positive cash flow properties in the current market and how to spot potential.
01-05-2010 more >>

April '10 Issue

Housing around a third of the country's population, Auckland offers a plethora of investment opportunities. We take a look at up-and-coming areas to give investors throughout the country the opportunity to tap into future growth in the largest city in New Zealand.
01-04-2010 more >>

March '10 Issue

The rules around residential property investment are going to change forever. In our lead feature this month we look at the possible changes, what you can do to prepare for them and how they could affect the market in the future.
01-03-2010 more >>

February '10 Issue

Deciphering all the different statistics and market information that's available on the state of the property market is an art in itself. This issue we look at what established investors listen to and why, plus we have survey results from Landlords.co.nz readers on who they rate as the best economist, commentator and author.
01-02-2010 more >>


TAX WORKING GROUP - Recommendations The final report of the Victoria University Tax Working Group was released on 20 January. Residential rental property has been particularly targeted because of the apparent “hole” in the tax base.
29-01-2010 more >>

Building consents stall in December amid falling home sales

The revival in residential construction stalled last month in what was a tough December for house vendors, though non-residential building perked up to end the year flat.
29-01-2010 more >>

NZ's two favourites: Rental property and the All Blacks

Property remained the most favoured investment class in the last quarter despite property tax to be introduced in the next budget according to the ASB Investor Confidence survey.
28-01-2010 more >>

Housing market stalling?

The housing market is showing signs of flattening, after rebounding in the middle of last year, according to ANZ's latest property gauges.
27-01-2010 more >>

Tax plan slammed as 'an orchestrated attack on landlords'

Tax recommendations presented to the Government have been criticised as "an orchestrated attack on residential landlords" by the Property Investors' Federation vice-president.
21-01-2010 more >>

Land tax must be universal, say property investors

Real estate industry insiders have mixed views on some of the Tax Working Groups recommendations, which are designed to start taxing property investments harder.
21-01-2010 more >>

Misleading talk around property will lead to bad tax decisions

Press Release: The Property Investors’ Federation is concerned about the high level of misinformation around taxation of rental property.
20-01-2010 more >>

Investors face double-whammy in tax proposals

Residential property investors face a double-whammy under proposals unveiled today by the Tax Working Group which could raise $2 billion from a sector currently costing taxpayers $150 million a year.
20-01-2010 more >>

REINZ residential highlights - December 2009

House prices rose in 11 of the 12 regions throughout the country in December last year. Find out what else is happening in the main areas.
19-01-2010 more >>

IRD's views on depreciation challenged

The Inland Revenue is sticking with its controversial views on depreciation of residential rental property - but not winning a lot of support.
19-01-2010 more >>

House prices up but sales levels concerning

New Zealand house prices edged up in December as the property market continued to recover from its trough last year, though activity was at a "concerning" low level.
18-01-2010 more >>

Caution restrains bargain hunting

With a few grey clouds on the horizon, caution prevails for many property investors around the country.
15-01-2010 more >>

Home-building and hospitals push up November building consents

The pace of residential home-building continues to pick up, although few new apartments are being built and non-residential construction is down across most sectors, according to November 2009 building consent totals released this morning by Statistics New Zealand.
14-01-2010 more >>

IRD quietly raises changes to depreciation

The contentious issue around how depreciation of residential rental property items has resurfaced in a very low key manner.
12-01-2010 more >>

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