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TAX WORKING GROUP – Rental properties taxes The government appointed Tax Working Group, comprising academics, regulators and other experts is due to release a set of far reaching tax reform recommendations at a public conference to be held in Wellington on 1 December. The Federation will be attending the meeting.
30-11-2009 more >>

ANZ Property Focus for November 2009

The housing market is showing signs of stabilising after a sizeable recover (off lows) with volumes and days to sell stable for three months. Limited listings, however, are underpinning prices. Migration continues to rise but so, of course, is the unemploymnet rate.
30-11-2009 more >>

Home-building approvals climb, adding weight to recovery

New Zealand home-building approvals jumped last month, extending their gains for a fourth month, ensuring a key element to the nation's economic recovery remains in place as interest rates remain low.
30-11-2009 more >>

Do property investors really have "tax benefits?"

As the government contemplates tax changes which would alter the tax rules for property investors, much of the commentary around perceived "tax benefits" has become misleading.
30-11-2009 more >>

Celebrating tenant-landlord relationships

A new competition celebrating good relationships between tenants and landlords has had its first winners.
27-11-2009 more >>

October reminder that all is not well

October has been a timely reminder that "it's not all plain sailing for the real estate market" and house prices are probably going to ease, according to ANZ National Bank's property gauges.
27-11-2009 more >>

Best Game Award 2009 to NZ Investment Game

Inventor ot the game, Frank Newman, is delighted with the Judging Panel's decision. The panel consisted of students and teachers from a cross section of New Zealand schools and regions.
26-11-2009 more >>

Long term anlysis of rental home vacancies supports NZPIF Vice President's comments

Andrew King was quoted recently in the media about the increase in numbers of vacant rental properties in some North Island centres. In addition, the overall national total has increased but numbers in some centres, such as Hawke's Bay, Taranaki and Canterbury have reduced. slightly.
26-11-2009 more >>

Vacancy list good news for tenants

In what could be a boost for tenants, landlords are reporting an increase in the number of vacant rental properties.
24-11-2009 more >>

Mortgagee sales at record high

Mortgagee sales, which reached a record in September, will probably continue through 2010 as high levels of household debt and rising unemployment make it harder for kiwis to meet interest payments.
24-11-2009 more >>

Mortgagee squeeze hits regional New Zealand

Regional towns across New Zealand are feeling the squeeze as mortgagee sales hit another historic high in September, according to the latest figures from Terralink International.
23-11-2009 more >>

Funding brought forward for insulation scheme

Funding for the government's insulation scheme is changing to become more flexible, in order to bring funding forward and meet increasing demand.
23-11-2009 more >>

ComCom chasing bigger fish after dodgy Invercargill property scheme

The Commerce Commission is chasing bigger fish in Auckland after it successfully prosecuted CMA Property Investments over its role in a property scheme in Invercargill which mislead people into believing they were buying their own homes.
19-11-2009 more >>

Property indicator continues to exude energy

The housing market continued to gain in momentum, adding to the positive numbers seen in the previous two months, according to the latest Mike Pero Mortgages/Infometrics Property Cycle Indicator.
18-11-2009 more >>

Property finders likely to cause a few headaches for REAA

Property finders, the people who match properties to potential investors, may cause the newly-active Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA) a few headaches in the coming months, with some confusion over whether or not they will need to be licensed under the new regime.
17-11-2009 more >>

Harcourts pushes auctions as favoured selling strategy

Harcourts latest figures show the good volume of written sales that occurred across the country in October was not matched by the traditional upsurge in new listings normally seen in spring.
16-11-2009 more >>

Confidence in housing remains high: ASB survey

New Zealanders are still optimistic about the state of the housing market, according to an ASB survey.
16-11-2009 more >>

Cowboys targeting leaky home owners

Leaky home owners are being warned to watch out for cowboys looking to make a quick buck from over-priced repair work, says the NZ Building Industry Federation.
13-11-2009 more >>

REINZ residential highlights - October 2009

The latest statistics from the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) show a buoyant property market.
13-11-2009 more >>

House prices hit 10-year high amid declining sales numbers

New Zealand house prices hit a 10-year high for the month of October amid a decline in the volume of sales as fewer properties are put on the market.
13-11-2009 more >>

RBNZ wants tax changes as property demand lifts

The Reserve Bank has renewed its plea for changes to the tax system to help out the economy on to a more even keel and reduce risks to the financial system.
12-11-2009 more >>

Prices to continue upwards for some time yet

House prices are set to rise for "some time yet", with price inflation heading for double-digits by mid-2010, although the dream run may be relatively short-lived.
12-11-2009 more >>

Return to riskier mortgage lending a dangerous game

Easing lending criteria and higher loan-to-value ratios could potentially see the country return to a debt-fuelled housing cycle and dampen the recovery seen thus far, warns Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard.
11-11-2009 more >>

Call for govt to step in with mortgagee sales

The government is being called on to purchase the properties of home owners who default on their mortgages in a bid to save them from being forced into mortgagee sale.
10-11-2009 more >>

Detailed analysis of Select Committee recommendations re RTA Amendment Bill

The Select Committee reported to Parliament on September 29 and made a number of recommendations for changes to the RTA Amendment Bill. Cliff Seque has analysed these changes.
09-11-2009 more >>

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